Knowing who you were in a past life brings Serenity to the current life.

Accessing Akashic Records

Accessing akashic records

Accessing akashic records will assist you in discovering who you are at soul level and what you came here to do. Learn about your past to become your best in the present. When you were originally created you were given a blueprint.  You have access to this information.

Past life regression

Your past life history is securely recorded in your memory.  These memories are protected by a firewall by your conscious mind and your higher self.  You can access your past life stories via a past life regression or allow me to access your akashic records.

Your Soul Stories

Your soul has messages to share with you.  Accessing those messages can be through a past life regression or by allowing me to access your akashic records.  Either way you will know more about your purpose and how to be happy, healthy and abundant in this life.

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