About Me

Vickie Nitzsche

 Founder of Then Serenity

Who I am

My soul blueprint is comprised of divine love, healing, and improvement. My purpose is to create a sacred space of love and nonjudgment for everyone who chooses to work with me and assist those who choose to make changes in their lives to become more aligned with who they desire to be.

We all make choices in our lives to bend and mold into what others expect us to be. To be truly happy, healthy and abundant we need to release old patterns of thinking created by bending to the will of others and acknowledge who we really are at soul level. 

My spiritual journey began around the age of 10. I was drawn to listen and question the world around me. Several times, because of the influence of others and my perception of what was acceptable in this physical world, I wandered off course and became my perception of what others wanted me to be. Each time my journey led away from my divine purpose, a piece of my soul was cast off. When the realization that this was not who I intended to be sank in, the journey to recover the lost pieces began.  

Discovering how to access the records and memories of my soul taught me how to help others become themselves. This business was created as an avenue for helping those who desire a path of freedom to be themselves, realign with their soul and thrive in this life.